Rule 7 - Seniority Rosters

1. A seniority roster will be prepared for each Sub-Department and will be revised in January of each year. The rosters will show the name and date of entry of each employee into the service of the Corporation and each employee's seniority date in each class. Employees will be shown on the initial roster as agreed to by the parties. A copy of each roster will be psoted on bulletin boards and mailed to the General Chairman.

2. Protest against the seniority date of any employee shown on a roster must be filed in writing within sixty (60) days from the date of posting. Where a seniority date is shown on a roster and no protest is filed within the sixty (60) days, the seniority date shall be considered the established date for subsequent rosters. Clerical or typographical errors are excepted from this provision and may be corrected at the time the rosters are revised.


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