BMWED/Amtrak NEC Agreement

Rule 16 - ROSTERS

(a) Seniority rosters will be prepared and posted by March 1, of each year and will be posted at the headquarters of the various employees interested. The Division Engineer or other Company representative will furnish to the General Chairmen the name and location of all headquarters receiving rosters and the date the rosters are posted for employee use in the headquarters.

(b) The names of trackmen will not be shown on roster until they actually have been in service in excess of six months. Trackmen will not be considered as having been in service six months until they actually have worked 127 days. Trackmen with less than six months' service, laid off in reduction of force, who comply with the provisions of Rule 18, will be given credit for actual number of days worked as trackmen. After having actually worked 127 days, seniority of trackmen will date from the first day which is counted in calculating the 127 days comprising six months' service.

(c) An employee, or his representative in behalf of the employee, will have sixty days from date his name first appears on the roster to appeal, in writing, his roster date or relative standing thereon, except that in case of an employee off duty on leave of absence, furlough, sickness, disability or suspension at the time the roster is posted, such time limit will apply from the date employee returns to duty. If no appeal is taken within the sixty day period, future appeals will not be entertained unless the employee's roster date or his relative standing is changed from that first posted. A note will be placed on each roster stating the time limit of appeal.

The sixty day time limit will not apply to obvious clerical errors. However, such errors must be protested in writing by the employee or in his/her behalf by a duly accredited representative of the Organization as defined in Rule 83.

(d) Appeals on roster date or relative standing filed in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (c) of this Rule 16, will be held until the time limit of appeal has expired, following which all such appeals will be handled jointly by the appropriate Assistant Chief Engineer (Maintenance of Way and Structures or C&S/E.T.) and the representative and correction notice posted.

(e) Copy of roster and correction notice will be furnished to the representatives of employees. Roster and correction notice will be signed by the appropriate Assistant Chief Engineer (Maintenance of Way and Structures or C&S/E.T.)

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