Amtrak Benefit Continuation for Disabled / Sick / Injured / Medically-Disqualified Agreement Covered Employees

Responsibilities: Employee notifies supervisor immediately at onset of disability. Employee's supervisor generates an NRPC Form 2000, placing the employee on a Leave of Absence without pay due to disability, injury, or medical-disqualification. The Form 2000 is forwarded immediately to local Human Resources Office, where the employee's status is updated to ensure continued benefits. The employee keeps Amtrak's Health Services Department updated with his/her current medical condition as required to avoid interruption/termination of benefits. Health Services tracks the employee's absence, requesting physician documentation as necessary.

Amtrak Benefits Continuation:(with the disability leave approved by Amtrak's Health Services Department)

Employee - Medical and prescription continues through the 2nd year that the employee goes out disabled/injured without pay

Employee - $10,000 life insurance, dental, and vision continues through the 1st year following the year that the employee went out disabled/injured without pay.

Dependents - Medical, dental, vision, and prescription continues through the 1st year following the year that the employee went out disabled/injured without pay.

Example: Employee disabled 5-15-08, employee and family is covered for all benefits through 12-31-09; employee only is covered one additional year for medical and prescription only through 12-31-10.

Exceptions: ASWC, TCU, and ARASA OBS employees. Medical/prescription benefits continue for 24 months only from the disability leave date.

Example: Disabled 5-15-08; family covered through 12-31-09; employee covered through 5-15-10 only.

Continuation of benefits above is based on the employee's disability leave date -- not the date if/when the employee is awarded a disability annuity from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board (RRB).

Medicare: If you become Medicare-eligible through the RRB at any time while disabled (even if before Amtrak Benefits cease above), Medicare Parts A & B becomes the immediate primary medical insurance carrier. All providers of service must be notified. Medical claims are sent to Medicare first. Following receipt of Medicare's Explanation of Benefits (EOB), attach a copy of the EOB to a United Healthcare claim form (MA residents use a TUFTS claim form; central PA residents use an AETNA claim form). The insurance carrier will then review for any secondary payment. When the Amtrak disability benefits timeline ends, you may be; covered through RRB Medicare, covered through Social Security Administration, covered under spouse's plan, without any further medical coverage.