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Amtrak Bereavement Leave

The BMWED/Amtrak NEC Agreement, Rule 93 states:


"Bereavement leave, not in excess of three calendar days, following the date of death will be allowed in case of death of an employee's brother, sister, parent, child, spouse or spouse's parent. In such cases a minimum basic day's pay at the rate of the last service rendered will be allowed for the number of working days lost during bereavement leave. Employees involved will make provision for taking leave with their supervising officials in the usual manner. Any restrictions against blanking jobs or realigning forces will not be applicable when an employee is absent under this provision."

*Revised October 30, 1978 National Agreement
Bereavement Leave - Questions & Answers

Q-1: How are the three calendar days to be determined?

A-1: An employee will have the following options in deciding when to take bereavement leave:

a) three consecutive calendar days, commencing with the day of death, when the death occurs prior to the time an employee is scheduled to report for duty; or
b) three consecutive calendar days, ending the day of the funeral service; or
c) three consecutive calendar days, ending the day following the funeral service.

Q-2: Does the three (3) calendar days allowance pertain to each separate instance, or do the three (3) calendar days refer to a total of all instances?

A-2: Three days for each separate death; however, there is no pyramiding where a second death occurs within the three-day period covered by the first death.

Example: Employee has a work week of Monday to Friday - off-days of Saturday and Sunday. His mother dies on Monday and his father dies on Tuesday. At a maximum, the employee would be eligible for bereavement leave on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Q-3: An employee working from an extra board is granted bereavement leave on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Had he not taken bereavement leave he would have been available on the extra board, but would not have performed service on one of the days on which leave was taken. Is he eligible for two days or three days of bereavement pay?

A-3: A maximum of two days.

Q-4: Will a day on which a basic day’s pay is allowed account bereavement leave serve as a qualifying day for holiday pay purposes?

A-4: No; however, the parties are in accord that bereavement leave non-availability should be considered the same as vacation non-availability and that the first work day preceding or following the employee’s bereavement leave, as the case may be, should be considered as the qualifying day for holiday purposes.

Q-5: Would an employee be entitled to bereavement leave in connection with the death of a half-brother or half-sister, stepbrother or stepsister, stepparents or stepchildren?

A-5: Yes as to half-brother or half-sister, no as to stepbrother or stepsister, stepparents or stepchildren. However, the rule is applicable to a family relationship covered by the rule through the legal adoption process.

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