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Presidential Emergency Boards
Aug 22, 2015

Presidential Emergency Boards

The President may create an emergency board to investigate and report on a dispute over the terms of a collective bargaining agreement. Under the Railway Labor Act, the President may exercise his discretion to create an emergency board when the labor dispute threatens "substantially to interrupt interstate commerce to a degree such as to deprive any section of the country of essential transportation service."

Creation of an emergency board delays a strike, lockout or other form of self-help, generally for 60 days. The emergency board has 30 days to issue its report. Generally, emergency boards provide recommendations for settlement of the dispute. After the emergency board reports to the President, the parties to the dispute have another 30 day cooling off period to consider the recommendations of the emergency board and to reach an agreement.

If no agreement is reached at the end of the cooling off period, then the parties may engage in self-help, including strikes, lockouts and unilateral changes in terms and conditions of employment.


PEB 248 August 20, 2015 - Recommendations to settle the four year contract dispute between New Jersey Transit and the Rail Labor Coalition of fourteen unions (including the BMWED) representing 4,300 union workers.
PEB 247 October 2014 - SEPTA and BLET, reached agreement before issue of the emergency board recommendations.
PEB 246 July 14, 2014 - SEPTA and the BLET and IBEW are urged to accept these recommendations.
PEB 243 October 2011 - President Obama established Emergency Board (PEB) No. 243 on October 6, to investigate and make recommendations for settlement of the current disputes between the Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (RLBC) and five other unions, and the National Carriers Conference Committee (NCCC).
PEB 242 December 30, 2007 - Dispute between Amtrak and the PRLBC including the BMWED and others, (National Mediation Board Case Nos. A-13080, A-13098, A-13125, A-13185, A-13330, A-13340, A-13370, A-13395, A-13435). Visit our 2000-2008 Amtrak negotiations page.
PEB 234 September 21, 1997 - Investigation of disputes between Amtrak and its employees represented by the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes (National Mediation Board Case Nos. A-12791 and A-12813), wherein the Board recommended a framework for settlement which provides Amtrak maintenance of way employees with wages comparable to those employees performing the same work for freight railroads.

PEB 219

Submitted Pursuant to Executive Order No. 12714, Dated May 3, 1990, and Section 10 of The Railway Labor Act, as Amended. The disputes before the Board involve the National Carrier's Conference Committee and ten labor organizations that collectively represent most of the railroad employees involved in the current national bargaining round, including the BMWED. President George Bush the 1st. (5.8MB file size)

PEB 221

May 28, 1992 - Dispute between the Consolidated  Rail Corporation and its employees represented by the BMWE. (National Mediation  Board Case No. A-12260), improving entry rates on the Conrail property while attacking our work by loosening contracting out rules. Healthcare cost-sharing also addressed. President George Bush the 1st.

PEB 222

May 28, 1992 - Disputes between Amtrak and their employees represented by certain labor organizations, including the BMWE. (National Mediation Board Case Nos. A-12103, A-12198, A-12246, A-12263, A-12268, A-12290, A-12291, A-12309, A-12318, A-12391 and A-12467). President George Bush the 1st.

PEB 225

October 24, 1994 - Dispute  between  the Soo Line  Railroad  Company  and certain  of  its  employees  represented  by the  United  Transportation  Union National  (Mediation  Board  Case A-12455). A basic issue in this dispute for the Soo Line is whether  the  "local pattern"  established  by settlements with all it's other unions should be recommended as the basis for the settlement with the UTU concerning wages, work rules, and health and welfare. President William Clinton.

PEB 229

June 23, 1996 - Disputes between certain railroads, represented by the National  Carriers' Conference Committee including Consolidated Rail Corporation (including the Clearfield Cluster), Burlington Northern  Railroad Co., CSX Transportation Co., Norfolk  Southern Railway Co., Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Co., Union Pacific Railroad, Chicago & North  Western Railway Co., Kansas City Southern Railway Co. and their employees represented by the BMWE. (National Mediation Board Case Nos.  A-12718, Sub. 1, including Sub. 1A, Sub. 2, Sub. 3, Sub. 4, Sub. 5, Sub. 6, Sub. 7, Sub. 8)

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