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Constitution and Bylaws

United Passenger Rail Federation Resolutions

Direct Elections

BMWED Strike Benefits

Article XIX, section 19 of the Bylaws of the BMWED-IBT provide the following:

"Sec. 19 Strike Benefits. Members out on authorized strikes or locked out by management shall be paid such amounts for their relief as the funds of the National Division may warrant, which payment shall terminate upon the date the strike or lockout is terminated. Members receiving such benefits shall register each day. Striking members securing employment elsewhere shall be excluded from all strike benefits."

Memo inculding BMWED strike benefit information, eligibility requirements and filing procedures, can be viewed and printed by following this link.


Pursuant to our "Union Shop and Dues Check-Off Agreement" with the Railroads, monthly BMWED dues are automatically deducted from employee earnings, however the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees will not or cannot begin to deduct dues without your express written consent.

Please complete and submit a Dues Deduction Authorization Form prior to the completion of your 60th day of railroad service. Your completed dues authorization form must be on file in our office before the BMWED will process your membership. Failure to submit this form in a timely manor will result in complications with your union status or an arrearage in your dues obligation.

Download and Print a Deduction Authorization form and instructions. Questions concerning the form should be referred to our offices.

View our current dues calculations. Dues calculations from preceding years can be viewed here

What do our monthly National Division dues pay for? View our National Division dues structure here.

Annual Dues Receipt

Generate an annual dues receipt by logging on to the BMWED International web site and accessing the MEMBERS area, then clicking on "My Annual Dues Receipt".

Before producing the dues receipt, the BMWED system will:

1. check to make sure a December deduction for the railroad has gone through the rack, and
2. at least one bank record for the December deduction have been allocated.

If the conditions are met the user will get a PDF version of the receipt to print (view example). If the conditions are not met they will receive a notification that their December deduction has not been processed.

BMWED Initiation Fee

Pursuant to Article XV, Sections 2 and 3 of the BMWED-IBT Bylaws, the initiation fee for newly hired members will be one hundred dollars ($100.00).

Article XV, Section 2 states:

“Initiations for new members shall be $100.00, the entire amount of which will be collected in every instance. No portions of this fee to be returned to applicant or any dispensation granted doing away with same except on roads, portions of the roads, or employers where there is no organization, where the BMWED has become depleted, where dual organizations hold contract or where the BMWED is being seriously threatened by new organizations.

New members paying their initiation fee in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph shall be required to make application for membership by filing a membership request form* with the proper System Division or Federation office.”

Article XV, Section 3 states:

“Each member shall be required to pay all BMWED dues and assessments.”

Download More information about BMWED Initiation Fee

* the United Passenger Rail Federation uses the Dues Deduction Authorization Form as a request for membership application

BMWED Non-Working Dues

Amended Article XV, Section 3, Paragraph 3 of the BMWE Division Bylaws provides good-standing status during unemployment or sickness. View rate table here.

22st Regular Pennsylvania Federation Convention

August 4 through 6, 2015, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The 22st Regular Convention of the Pennsylvania Federation BMWED-IBT will be held at Bally's Atlantic City at Park Place and the Boardwalk Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401
(609) 340-2000    1-800-345-7253

Registration for delegates opened at 5:00 PM on Tuesday, August 3, 2015, and the Convention convened at 1:00 PM on August 4, 2015

Visit Convention Page Here

2015 Election of Officers - The American Arbitration Association counted the ballots for the 2015 Pennsylvania Federation elections. A total of 2,664 ballots were mailed to our membership, and 807 were returned. This translates to only 30% of our members choosing to participate in this democratic process.

3rd Regular BMWED Quadrennial Convention

June 21 - June 23, 2014  Las Vegas, Nevada

Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division President Freddie N. Simpson and Secretary-Treasurer Perry K. Geller Sr. were re-elected by acclamation Tuesday, closing day number two of the Third Regular Convention of the BMWED. The re-election of President Simpson and Secretary-Treasurer Geller was met with overwhelming support from the 400-plus delegation gathered in Las Vegas.

"I assure you that I will do everything in my power to invest in you, and to provide you with the tools and skills necessary to carry forward the principles and ideals of our great union," President Simpson said. "Together, we will deliberate as Brothers and Sisters, together we will make important decisions, and together we will exit this convention hall strong, united and determined to advancing the cause of our members and all of Rail Labor." 

21st Regular Pennsylvania Federation Convention

August 2 through 3, 2011, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The 21st Regular Convention of the Pennsylvania Federation BMWED-IBT will be held at Bally's Atlantic City at Park Place and the Boardwalk Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401
(609) 340-2000    1-800-345-7253

Registration for delegates opened at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, August 2, 2011, and the Convention convened at 1 :00 PM.

Visit Convention Page Here

28th Convention of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

June 26 through July 2, Las Vegas, Nevada

The 28th International Convention of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters opens under the banner of “Vision, Solidarity, Action.”
Meeting at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, more than 1,800 delegates will map out the future course of the 1.4-million-member Teamsters Union.

visit our convention page

BMWED 2nd Regular Quadrennial Convention

June 21 through June 23, 2010

Themed "Transition into the Future", details of the 2nd Regular Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes Division, IBT Convention convened at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada June 21, 2010 and closing June 23, 2010. Posted Information including daily agenda, minutes, reports, video and more. Visit our Convention Page

Pictures of the Penn Fed Delegates and Officers can be found in our Photo Gallery

Pennsylvania Federation Bylaws August 2011

Pennsylvania Federation Bylaws August 2007

Pennsylvania Federation Resolutions August 2007

BMWED Bylaws January 2010

BMWE Bylaws January 2005


Merger Activity – Post Boilermaker

Boilermaker Takeover - Round II

Boilermaker Takeover - Round I

Dues calculations from preceding years

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* No change in dues formula

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