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Safety Liaisons on Amtrak's NEC
Jan 24, 2019

The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees are committed to a safe and healthful work environment, free from intimidation and harassment, that meets or, where possible, exceeds all applicable Local, State, and Federal Safety standards and to ensuing compliance with Amtrak’s Safety Rules. In recognition of the importance of equal partnership in this process, Amtrak and the BMWE have reached this agreement.

Following is a list of our current BMWED Safety Liaisons on Amtrak's NEC

Safety Liaison Division Craft Number eMail
John McAteer Mid-Atlantic ET 215-409-5913 McAteeJ@amtrak.com
Steven Bea Mid-Atlantic B&B 215-779-5931 Steven.Bea@amtrak.com
Drew Brown Mid-Atlantic Track 215-215-6610 Drew.Brown@amtrak.com
Alicia Pekarski Mid-Atlantic Track 215-205-8407 alicia.pekarski@amtrak.com
Bill Kendrick New York Track 732-615-7369 William.Kendrick@amtrak.com
Bob Deissler New York B&B 917-596-6447 John.Deissler@amtrak.com
David Desimone New York Track 201-566-8174 david.desimone@amtrak.com
Carmen Nunes New York ET 347-572-3337 NunesC@amtrak.com
Reva Brown New York Track 917-608-7071 Reva.Brown@amtrak.com
Devon Burt Production Track 215-983-8439 Devon.Burt@amtrak.com
Mike Carter Production Track 267-683-7576 CarterMi@amtrak.com
Bill Glass Production Track 302-429-6302 GlassW@amtrak.com
Dee Dunn Production Track 202-437-8090 Dalberta.Dunn@amtrak.com
Sal Martinez Production Track 201-726-3757 Sal.Martinez@amtrak.com

Voluntary Safety Reporting Policy - After long, difficult and acrimonious meetings which began several years ago we have reached an agreement with Amtrak over a series of safety reforms which we believe will help prevent future fatalities. They are a New Voluntary safety Reporting Policy, 60mph slow by’s for work areas, watchman placements, and reaffirmation of the many hot spots. View a descriptive summary of the Voluntary Safety Reporting Policy along with our cover letter.

United Passenger Rail Federation BMWED-IBT
190 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

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