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Local Lodges of the United Passenger Rail Federation

“What can labor do for itself? Labor can organize, it can unify, it can consolidate its forces. This done, it can demand and command.”

Eugene V. Debs, president, American Railway Union 

Local Lodges form the direct link between the member and the Brotherhood, and are the grassroots segment of the organization. Regular meetings are held by most Lodges at which information is passed onto the membership and the affairs of the Brotherhood are discussed and acted upon. The members of the Lodges elect their own Officers as well as the delegates who will represent them at National Division and System Division/Federation Conventions to determine policies, adopt laws to govern activities, and elect National Division and System Officers and State Legislative Directors.

Organizational Charts for our BMWED Lodges

United Passenger Rail Federation

March 31, 2017 - Election Notice - Western Region - Vacancy in Vice Chairperson Western Region (Local Lodges 3086, 3017, 3061, 3060, 3043, 3097, 3007, 3016, 3018 and 3080). Vice Chairman Perry Rapier may not return to work and a vacancy is being declared in the office of Vice Chairperson Western Region. We would like to thank Brother Rapier for his forty plus years of service to the membership of this Union and continue to wish him a speedy recovery. While an election is being called to fill the vacancy, in the event his medical condition improves where he can resume his duties the Bylaws will be interpreted to permit him to resume his duties as Vice Chairman. In that event, the winner of the election to fill his vacancy will need to exercise their seniority back to the property. Read More…

August 1, 2014 - Secretary/Treasurer Geller of the National Division writes regarding local lodge officer elections.

Building Membership Participation - a pamphlet from the Teamster International  that offers ideas for building and maintaining membership participation within your local lodge through a structured communication system, on-going education and planned actions.

July 17, 2013 - Lodge 3052 in Wilmington, DE relinquishes charter and transfers assets and membership to into Lodge 3095 Wilmington, DE.

May 21, 2013 - Merge Lodge 0275 with Lodge 0935.

April 30, 2013 - Consolidation of Lodge 0705 with Lodge 0400.

October 9, 2009 - Lodge 3073 of Wenton, WV and the Wellsville, OH Lodge 3027 consolidate into Lodge 3004 - Carnegie, PA.

Lodge President

The general affairs of the Lodge are overseen by the Lodge President. The Lodge President presides over Lodge meetings, preserves decorum and decides all questions of order subject to an appeal to the Lodge members. The President is also responsible for seeing that a correct audit of the Secretary- Treasurer’s books is made by the Auditing Committee. The President appoints all committees, except the Auditing Committee and the Grievance Committee, which are elected. The President also casts the deciding vote on all questions in case of a tie vote. Finally, the President assists in the execution and filing of any required reports and maintenance of Lodge records required by law.

Lodge Vice President

The Vice President assists the President in the performance of various duties and presides over all Lodge meetings in the absence of the President.

Lodge Secretary-Treasurer

The financial and business affairs of the Lodge are handled by the Secretary-Treasurer. The Secretary-Treasurer receives all communications, conducts the correspondence and has charge of the seal and records of the Lodge. Additional responsibilities include keeping a correct account between the Lodge and the System Secretary-Treasurer and/or National Division Secretary-Treasurer. A Lodge is not permitted to contract or incur any obligation of any kind beyond the extent of the Lodge’s funds and current income of the Lodge. The money and property of the Lodge may only be used for the benefit of the Lodge and not for the personal gain or profit of an Officer or member.

Lodge Recording Secretary

Typically, this position is combined with the Secretary-Treasurer’s position. The Recording Secretary keeps a true and correct record of the proceedings of each meeting of the Lodge and reads the same at the next meeting for action thereon. The Recording Secretary also reads all communications from the National Division, System Division/Federation, or other sources that are of interest to members.

Lodge Legislative Representative

The Lodge Legislative Representative is responsible for communicating matters of legislative importance, both Federal and State, to the members of their Local Lodge, at the direction of the National and State Legislative Directors of the BMWED. Each Local Lodge elects a Legislative Representative and a Vice Legislative Representative for each state their Local has members residing in. The primary duty of the Lodge’s Legislative Representative(s) is to attend their State’s Legislative Convention, held every four years.

Lodge Auditing Committee

The members of the Auditing Committee have the responsibility of examining the financial affairs of the Lodge. They meet and audit the Lodge books not later than thirty days after the end of each quarter.

Lodge Grievance Committee

The Officers of the Grievance Committee perform such duties as are prescribed in the National Division Bylaws, which includes assisting the Local and/or Division Chairmen in the discharge of their duties. Each System Division/Federation has established procedures for the handling of claims and grievances, which are best suited to the needs of their membership.

National Division Convention

The National Division Convention is held every four years. Each Lodge is entitled to send a delegate or alternate who must be eligible and elected in accordance with National Division Bylaws and the Merger Agreement. The purpose of the National Division Convention is to review the work and accomplishments of the Brotherhood, consider legislation for the benefit and advancement of the membership, amend the Bylaws, elect officers, and act upon such other business as may properly come before it.

ARTICLE XVIII National Division Bylaws - Government of Local Lodges

ARTICLE X Pennsylvania Federation Bylaws - Representation - Local Lodges Grievance Procedure and Negotiations

Conducting a Local Union Meeting - Parliamentary Procedure, Motions, Chairing a Meeting, all discussed in this simple guide.

Form F-5 - used when the lodge pays salary and/or reimbursed expenses directly from the lodge checking account. Form F-5, with original receipts attached, should be retained with the Lodge records in order to be presented to the National Division Auditor the next time your lodge is audited.

Form OE-1a - used when wages of $25.00 or more are paid to a lodge officer or member in a month. If no wages are paid, or wages paid for the month to a Lodge officer or member did not exceed $24.99, it is not necessary to file Form 0E-1a with National Division.

Form F-32 - Quarterly Audit


Next to a scab, a snitch or an informer is one of the lowest forms of humanity. All we have is our ability to stick together. Statements given to railroad management and their agents will only be used against you. Management is not interested in the truth and is only interested in protecting their money at our expense. Be careful what you say and never volunteer any information.

Remember, nobody likes a snitch. No one can say you saw something that you did not see. This includes but is not limited to injuries, investigations and accidents of all kinds.

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

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