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NS Agreements
Apr 30, 2021

BMWED-NW&W Agreements

Norfolk Southern

NWW Agreement, Rules 1 thru 19
NWW Agreement Rules 20 thru 58
Letter Agreements Revising former Norfolk and Southern and former Wabash
NWW Appendices
Synthesis of certain rules applicable to Norfolk and Western Railway Agreement
Travel Allowance - Article 14 of the 1996 National Agreement
Other Agreements and Awards

April 27, 2021 - Agreement in connection with 2021 Production Season for DPG Timber and Surfacing Gang work, including bonus qualifications.

February 17, 2021 - DPG Rail Gang Agreement for the 2021 Production Season.

September 1, 2020 - DPG gang agreement. This agreement results from the parties’ intent to address a unique situation where NS seeks to re-establish two DPG Gangs that were previously abolished prior to the end of the 2020 production season and add six positions to existing DPG Gangs. 

December 2, 2016 - New Bridge Gangs Negotiated on NS Property - On August 3, 2016, Norfolk Southern served a notice on the Union seeking to create a new DPG, one that would re-deck bridges throughout the system.  The notice was served under an agreement that came from PEB 219 and NS could force the Union to arbitration if we did not reach a voluntary agreement.  While we believed we could beat NS in arbitration, that was a belief, not a fact.  Therefore, the Union sat down with NS to try to reach a fair deal for the membership.  We reached a deal that we believe is far better than anything we might have been stuck with in arbitration.

The agreement your Union reached with NS, permiting the creation of two bridge gangs – one operates over the N&W, the other over the Southern, instead of gangs that could work anywhere on NS.  Work in the gang receives the DPG bonus, but is not covered by worksite reporting rules.  The rates of pay are higher than the rate currently paid to these positions anywhere on the system.  Also, while NS obtained a limited right to move a gang from one zone to another, it must pay a penalty when it does so.  Essentially that penalty means that gang members will be paid 12 hours for a 10 hour workday.

Also, your Union reached agreements that resolved disputes over who is entitled to a DPG bonus and how Rule 17 layoffs should be handled.  Those agreements ratified positions the Union has taken in claims under those Rules and should mean that bonus payments are made automatically to folks we believed were eligible, rather than having the delays in payment due to filing claims.

July 12, 2016 - Kanawha River Railroad seniority agreement.

July 24, 2015 - The BMWED and Norfolk Southern recently reached agreement regarding joint elimination work on the Central Region, which settles our disputes compensating claimants and removing the thermite contractors 80 days after our new welding positions are established. View Agreement.

April 6, 2015 - Integration Agreement - Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NS) has filed an application with the Surface Transportation Board in Finance Docket 35873 seeking approval of acquisition of control by NS of 282.55 miles of Delaware & Hudson Railway Company (D&H) rail located in Pennsylvania and New York (the D&H South Lines) including any and all other tracks related to or auxiliary to the acquired lines. View Integration Agreement along with the New York Dock agreement, and side letters establishing positions. View Integration Agreement.

June 2, 2014 - Agreement with Norfolk Southern which will return the work of distributing tie plates in conjunction with dual rail, single-side rail, curve rail, or gauging projects throughout the NW-Wabash system to the BMWED. View Agreement

February 25, 2013 - NS Seniority Agreement governing IAMAW-represented Roadway Equipment Mechanics working the Pittsburgh Division. View agreement

Returning to Work

The NS Medical Department's process for returning employees to work following a long absence or a medically-related absence will depend on the specific situation and a case-by-case, individualized determination. However, most cases involve the same general steps. Tthis informational sheet describes the general steps at the present time. Intended as an overview, the process may vary for each employee.

Bereavement Leave

This negotiated benefit helps ease the pain when the tragedy of death strikes. Bereavement leave is paid leave that a Norfolk Southern employee is entitled to because of the death of a family member as defined by the terms of our BMWED collective bargaining agreements.

Download a copy of the Bereavement Rule and Q+A sheet


The eleven national holidays as recognized in the National Agreement and Amendments are as follows:

New Year's Day Thanksgiving
Washington's Birthday (Presidents Day) Day After Thanksgiving
Good Friday Christmas Eve
Memorial Day Christmas Day
Independence Day New Years' Eve
Labor Day  

Other Agreements

Norfolk Southern's letter advising of their online bidding instructions and log-in procedures.
Agreement tying meals and travel allowances to indexed multipliers, fixing allowances for double occupancy lodging, make-up time, starting times, Tie Unloading and OTM pick-up programs, and New Track Construction.
Settlement Agreement
Plasser Tamper and 2X Tamper Agreement, Eastern Region
Brandt and Log Loading Truck Agreement
Plasser Tamper and 2X Tamper Agreement
Maumee Line Agreements
Brush Cutting Agreement
Seniority Agreement
Assistant Crane Operator Agreement
Rule 8 Advertisement and Award Agreement
Meal Allowance Agreement
System Discipline Rule
Agreed Upon Seniority Interpretation for NW Agreement
Milepost Divider Agreement
Seniority Retention, Exercise Under Implementing Agreements
Seniority Protection Agreement for Changing Crafts
Implimenting Agreement for Conrail transaction
DPG Arbitrated Agreement
BMWE-NW Track Patrol Arbitration
NW Agreement Away from Home Expense Arrangements
Other National Agreements

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Next to a scab, a snitch or an informer is one of the lowest forms of humanity. All we have is our ability to stick together. Statements given to railroad management and their agents will only be used against you.

Management is not interested in the truth and is only interested in protecting their money at our expense. Be careful what you say and never volunteer any information.

Remember, nobody likes a snitch. No one can say you saw something that you did not see. This includes but is not limited to injuries, investigations and accidents of all kinds.

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"

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